Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's okay to vote for a smart guy who gives a damn. Remember that.

Coffee is good, this sucks, work blows and...huh? This ISN'T Monday? Nevermind.

So, tall dark and handsome is what you want huh? Is two out of three okay? I can wear boots if you want.... ;-)

This congress doesn't pick your pocket, it also takes your pants, and gives you a prostate too ladies!

Even if you agree ideologically with this congress you must realize, just like the mob, eventually they'll get you too. Dig?

I was going to watch the GOP debate but there are two drunk guys outside having an armpit farting duel. I'm not the type who wastes time.

Medicare for ALL! Also, beer!

I've become a little too nice and courteous during the last 5 years. I need to say something inappropriate... uh, your real sweetheart. DAMMIT! I'll try again later.

Writer's block? No. Editor's block? Yup.

Condi Rice on Lawrence O'Donnell. Hahahahahaha! C'mon. Still? Still saying that!?! How can you be blind in HINDSIGHT!?!

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