Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Political dialog in this country has made lobotomies moot. Childish, irrational, willful ignorance has become the norm. Too bad.

I've seen too much porn in my life. I saw an attractive older blonde & my first though was "She looks like the star of a MILF vs BBC video"

Going from SHEETS to SUITS or EPITHETS to EUPHEMISMS is fooling NO ONE. Racists... *said in sing song manner*...we...see...you.

90 minutes. Ladies?

One source of information = intellectual laziness = lack of critical thinking = xenophobia =
un-evolved human being = hateful, scared bully

Hey NFL owners, YOU aren't crippled at 35. Stop being f*cking greedy. How would you like it if the FANS locked YOU out?

Hey congress, gay people AREN'T scary....thought you should know. YOU on the other hand...

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