Thursday, August 1, 2013

No matter how angry I get, I NEVER use racial slurs. I will however say disgusting things about your tramp mother and punk ass dad.

Wait until Snowden realizes that Putin is going to want him to be his personal "take pictures of me with my shirt off" photographer.

The people that design laptop speakers must have some super sensitive ears.

Ladies, random "junk" grabs = guy who's always in a good mood.

You can practice on me.



If you love someone, set them free & replace them with someone you love more. If they come back, convince them to join in. If they do, YAY!!

Dear mirrors that make people look bad, enjoy this rapidly advancing hammer..

Stop saying “The N word came out so easily" He speaks english. Of course it came out easy. No one goes “Nig. Nig. Let me try again, this is hard you guys!"

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