Sunday, June 10, 2012

Penises have a finite number of thrusts in them. Don't waste any between a woman's boobs. You're welcome. Pay on your way out.

Rent - A- Center....Bunny Ranch....Merger. Who needs an MBA when you can come up with ideas like THIS!?!

I DON'T say "S" my "D" when I get mad, I say "Slurp my nuts!". Then we both laugh and the fight never happens. Also sometimes they do it.

Do you know what's a good idea? NOT getting so dirty that you leave a ring around the tub. Let's ALL try that, shall we?

Well, I'm off to sleep where I'll dream about switching bodies with famous TV dads just long enough to get it on with famous TV wives. BOOM!

Just watched an infomercial for "The Magic Bullet", that thing has come a long way since the Kennedy Assassination. I'm glad it's turned it's life around...not like that deadbeat bullet that killed Lincoln. Do something productive bullets. Stop killing people. Go hit targets at practice ranges like the other good bullets.

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