Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Breaking fake news! Baby puts dumb guy in washer, screams PAYBACK IS A BITCH!! Film AT 11!

Soylent Green is PEOPLE! RUN! What? It's "Pee-pal" an abundant newly discovered soy based supplement? Well, you should write more legibly.

Masturbate watching porn...acceptable to people Same activity holding a magazine....Ridiculed Same activity while typing this....uh....

I'm working on a prequel to Two and a half men called "Alan Harper, don't tap that ass!" He doesn't listen...

"If annoyed to the point of violence, kick the crap out of the bastard!"
- The Buddho (Not a typo, it's his less enlightened cousin)

I just pimp slapped some pimps with even bigger pimp's pimps. Yeah, I'm the man.

I taught Spider-man how to stick to walls, he wasn't a good enough student for my Flying class. Maybe next time. Yup, I'm better than YOU.

I play 27 Card Monte. Yup, I'm better than YOU.

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