Monday, December 12, 2011

Would it be possible to expand the definition of ASSAULT to include overheard conversations, that are so idiotic, that they make you fear the future of society?

After seeing Romney look for a friendly face to talk to and seeing what the Veteran soldier he spoke to did to him (calling him out on his same sex marriage opposition), I can't wait until Gingrich goes to a "Swingers" club...and finds out that they just dance there.

Headline: Gingrich Takes Fidelity Pledge  -MY response: Oh, so THAT was his problem, he forgot to PLEDGE the first two times.

I will be signing copies of my new book:  Act like a woman, dress like a woman, think like a woman because I don't date dudes.   What's weird is I haven't written it yet. Why are all of these people in line? Weirdos.

Rick Perry thinks that he's running for President Of American Apparel

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