Sunday, December 11, 2011

NEVER say "Bite me" to the person that REGULARLY puts your genitals in their mouth. There may be a selective application of your request.

Marcus Bachmann. 1 YEAR from now. Big revelation to Barbara Walters. Count on it.

Special message to women who put out pictures of themselves with their butts and boobs exposed...yet insist on putting their hand over their vagina. Here's a few guy secrets:

We want to SEE your boobs.
We want to SEE your butts.
We want to be IN your vagina.... (it's still the best thing on earth even if we NEVER SEE it, but STILL GET IN IT)    But if it makes you feel better about letting us see your delicious bodies...I'm okay with it. are MORE than THAT to us....but we sure love THAT.

I like those new FORD commercials where the "Everyday Person" is ambushed by a "CELEBRITY STYLE" press conference, but why do they cut off the commercial BEFORE they are caught with the hooker, the blow and the tax evasion charges?

It’s time to “Occupy” all of the businesses, politicians and entertainment companies that back SOPA. How much money do you think you will get, when people buy NONE of your product assholes!?!

Don't say that The Pres has a huge ego, when your choices are betcha 10k Romney and my wife is sick gotta get a new one Gingrich.

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