Tuesday, December 6, 2011

(New definition)  Coprophagia: Noun
Watching Fox (News?) in a non-ironic way

Prostitution IS legal in two places that I know of, Nevada....and The House of Representatives

Also, just to let everyone know, I don't respond to trolls. So save the name calling, epithets and insults for one who is not above them.

"Oh yeah? YOU try to fail on such a massive scale! You can't can you? Loser!" - A guy who doesn't know how arguments work

Not to judge people by their looks, but Scott Walker looks like that little worm-like guy in school who screwed with people because he could.

Those of you following me because of how cute I look in my avi, please do it on twitter only...and get off of my fucking lawn.

Bachmann...Palin...Me...sex tape.... huh? Don't act like you wouldn't buy it.

I just became the front runner in the GOP. These people will vote for ANYBODY!

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