Friday, December 23, 2011

Stop saying "Mother nature has something up her sleeve". Mother Nature doesn't wear sleeves ...because Father Nature has an armpit fetish.

Why are women so much nicer to me AFTER I've had my penis in them?

I really want to kick the shit out of some people. Not people in general, specific people. You know who they are. Did YOU see the video of the "Men?" that BEAT, STRIPPED & STOMPED that defenseless woman in Egypt? Of course you did.

These pieces of shit are NOT men. I AM a MAN and I do NOT want this scum attached to MY gender. A man does NOT use his power to hurt someone. A MAN does NOT hit a woman. These are NOT men.  If you are a "Law" enforcement officer, someone given training, weapons and the licence to use them and you use that power to beat, strip and stomp ANYONE...YOU ARE SHIT.

Fuck you. Fuck your coward friends. Fuck anyone that condones what you did and I hope that YOU get what YOU deserve.  I repeat...FUCK YOU.

Sorry, I'm going to be ME. Don't like that?  Go enjoy self carnal knowledge and then dine on the biological waste of a diseased animal. Ok?

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