Thursday, December 8, 2011

"AppeEEEEEasement.... AppeEEEEEasement.... AppeEEEEEasement.... "
-Mitt Romney learns a NEW word and uses it inaccurately.

Familiar with Flo from PROGRESSIVE? How can I put this? I was pantless, she just left, I have FREE FULL COVERAGE FOR LIFE. That is all.

We're STILL talking about Alec Baldwin's flight? That must mean that World hunger, Income inequality and Healthcare problems are OVER! YAY!

I'm only 17 points behind Romney in Iowa. And yes BOTH black people voted for had NOTHING to do with race!

To the people that smirk as the voting rights of minorities and the poor are taken away, I have one question. You don't think that they'll stop with THEM do you? Yeah, you're next. ENJOY!

Dear Newt, we get it, you're racist. You can shut up now.

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