Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Dancing with the Stars...Rocks!......No, the show doesn't rock...I'm requesting rocks to throw at the TV!

Don't feel bad about watching "Maury". It's just human curiosity. I'm with some friends and at the next table a man is fighting with his wife. He was trying to figure out a way to tell her that he got his girl on the side pregnant. I have never eaten a turkey burger so slowly. Ironically after he told her, it became an episode of "Springer". I've never sipped ice water so slowly...

How long till the verizon guy gets killed by the crazy cable guy in the commercial? Is the message "Cable guys are stalkers"? I know that they aren't because that would require them actually showing the hell up!

I think that I may still be traumatized (By the balloon boy story)...every time I look in the sky and see a balloon I'm afraid that a child might not be in it! I need help!

Why isn't there a Doughbolt?

If someone has plastic covers on all of the furniture....never go in the basement with them. I'm just saying....

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