Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stop "Torture testing" those smartphones geeks. Driving on them breaks them...duh! Just give that new phone to me and go masturbate. Ok?

Has ANYONE accidently been "Licked" in the nuts?

I was just sexually harassed by Windows 9 beta. Top THAT Siri!!!!

Why are people being so mean to Pam Oliver about her hair? *sees it* DAMN!!!! Uh, never mind... ....I still love you Pam...

Why paint your nails black when you can just smoke and be sedentary? ALL your toes and fingers will go black... And it's FREE!

Mr. Thomas is about to give up meat and dairy.

"What!?! Motherfucker, I'll delete you like an Android app!"
- Geek gangsta

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