Sunday, November 4, 2012

I had to post THIS on Facebook a while ago...unfortunately.

If ever you feel the desire to troll my page or post negative or stupid things here, just unfriend me. I see MANY things that I disagree with, but I respect YOU…so respect ME.

I’ve only unfriended 3 people since 2009, I really would rather NOT do it, but sometimes it’s a must. If you go to a person’s page, make ridiculous comments, some other fool joins in and then it becomes an avalanche of negativity…that’s not what interests me.

I like Facebook because it allows people to connect with old friends, exchange ideas and “meet” new people. Oh, and some people sell shit I guess.

I want to enjoy my page. I will not allow someone to make that impossible.

If you attempt that…bye bye. To everyone else (the other 99% of you) this doesn’t apply and for YOU, I have nothing but love.

Namaste. (Not saying goodnight yet, It’s being used as a term of affection this time) :)

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