Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mom: "You're going to really get it good when your father gets home!"
A-hole kid: "What am I...the NANNY!?! Oops, I've said too much!"

Does that hat say "Wear just in case someone tries to take you seriously" on the inside?

Fishing? ME? Nope. Too much writing weird crap on the internet and playing with my chin hair to do...

Don't try to strike up a conversation with me at the ATM late at night. That is punch first ask questions LATER territory.

The cable company WON'T come out to fix my friend's illegal cable......RACISTS!!!!!

5 hour energy. A Cialis pill. Take them both old guys so you can stay awake for an hour talking to the doctor about your four hour erection. You're welcome.

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