Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm THINKING of going on one of these daytime talk shows. No, I'm not cheating on anyone. I am not in a paternity dispute. I am not in trouble with the law. I just for ONCE want to see an INTELLIGENT, WELL SPOKEN AND RESPECTABLE African American on those shows!

I do however hope that... DAT BIT*H that be saying that I'm the baby daddy don't show up. That's why I have a tattoo on my forehead that says "NOT the daddy B*TCH!" Yeah! And when they say it....I've got this new dance I'm gonna do called "In yo face b*tch!" Yeah and....

I mean, Uh...I want to discuss string theory. Yeah That's it...


S. Anthony says... (Food edition)
Eatin’ good…feelin’ good.

Hey, is that a cigarette?

(Just kidding I don’t smoke. I spend all of my money on hookers and crack)

Dudes, if they're not BASKETBALL shorts...NO. S. Anthony has spoken.

Dear people that cheat, it didn't JUST HAPPEN. Moist aroused genitals DON'T connect by accident. Huh? They DO!?! Oh, where's your sister?

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