Thursday, June 27, 2013

Social media should be an enjoyable, wonderful tool, it SHOULDN'T be used to crush a person FORCED into the spotlight. Shame.

How many people behind keyboards being disgusting and rude to Rachel Jeantel do you think could handle the same treatment? My guess? None.

Dear Pat Robertson, how about you save some crazy for another time? I mean, don't use up all of your crazy for the year on the fall of DOMA.

I used to love playfully pinning girlfriends to the wall and sniffing them after a shower.

I just did it to myself.

Gonna sacrifice a goat on my porch. I think that'll keep me uninterrupted on Sunday mornings...and forever.

S. Anthony Thomas, 50% nice guy...50% go fuck yourself. Your actions will designate which 50% you get.

You have been warned.

"I hate when gorgeous women make you have sex with them all night."

- No dude ever

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