Sunday, June 23, 2013

60 minutes. The Big Bang. Different Strokes.
- S. Anthony lists shows that describe his lovin'

Yes, I know the show is called "The Big Bang THEORY" but my greatness at lovin' FACT! Yeah! I told you! Ha! Yeah!

"This is gonna hurt YOU more than it hurts ME, because this shit isn't going to hurt me at all."
- Honest parent (pre-spanking)

Is this a bad time to tell people that Eric Snowden and Paula Deen are at my house and we're playing "Tell a secret, scream an epithet?"

70's television shows are homophobic as hell. Not "current congress homophobic", but definitely homophobic.

Thanks people illegally uploading shows from my childhood to YouTube for ruining my memories and showing how sucky some of that shit was.

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