Tuesday, June 25, 2013

- Doing an "Unworthy of being on the Supreme Court" headcount.

SCOTUS guts voting act, then piss on Dr Martin Luther King's grave while giving the Lincoln Statue the middle finger. Film at 11.

The power plays used to fuck minorities will be used to fuck you too...so keep applauding jackasses, these "elites" don't like you either.

5 members of the Supreme Court finally decide to openly wear the hoods that match their robes, film at 11.

It's time to end lifetime appointments to the SCOTUS. Too many all powerful cretins get to wear that robe.

After gutting the voting act, the SCOTUS eject Clarence Thomas forcing him to apply for a job at the Paula Deen estate, Film at 11

The practical joke is over. You can get those bigots off of the SCOTUS and put the real Judges back. What? Those ARE the REAL ONES!?! Shit.

Dear America, stop being afraid of women's nipples. I've slurped on tons of them, they are NOT dangerous. You're welcome.

Dear prison guards, let George Zimmerman have all of the cigarettes, fatty food and sitting down that he wants.

Breaking NEWS! SCOTUS watches documentary "Eyes on the Prize" in reverse and pleasures themselves. Film at 11!

"dRacists Unchained" a new movie about the current SCOTUS directed by Quentin Tarantino. The "d" is silent and so is common sense.

"Wow, THOSE people are racist!"
- George Zimmerman finds out that the SCOTUS trashed the voting act

Today's politics proves that scum also rises to the top. It must be skimmed and discarded on election day. REMEMBER THAT!

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