Thursday, May 31, 2012

Me: 10-0 in venereal disease blood tests. My perfect record stands! Take THAT STDs!! So, what random woman wants to get it on!?!

Dear EVERYONE, Marriage just called up and said that it can defend itself.

I HATE when my doctor asks "Do you mind if these students watch?" Why? Because I know I'm going to be the BEFORE picture in the text book.

No one is following this account yet, so I can post as much weird crap as I want! I have an armpit fetish, but it's for my own armpits. HA!

"...yeah, hung like a seahorse!"
- A guy finding out the hard way that you SHOULDN'T try corny pickup lines on female comics

“NEVER look outside of yourself for VALIDATION. Appreciation however, is food for the “Soul”. If the people around you are “Starving” your “Soul”… “Eat” somewhere else.”
S. Anthony Thomas

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