Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm just saying...

"Bwahahahahahahahahaha! So?"
- My recommendation for a response to someone saying they don't approve of you being yourself

I just got thrown off a plane for being "Too sexy"

*reads paper again*

Oh, it doesn't say "Too sexy" it says "Disgusting pervert" Sorry.

The local angry, scary, always escaping, neighborhood pit bull LOVES ME....so, I'm good. Also, there are several vacancies here...

Banging is as addictive as drugs. Whoops, correction, banging ME is as addictive as drugs. Ladies?

So, mice can get out of a maze, but still haven't mastered the whole "Don't run in front of cats" thing?  Okay...

THAT WAS A DUDE IN THE CRYING GAME!?! Now the movie makes sense....

My dream?

To be the super pissed off black person on a reality show.

I'm tired...OF DOING IT FOR FREE!!!

You got a problem with that!?!

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