Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We get it EVERY television commercial, tablet computers are popular. You can stop showing them in EVERY shot in EVERY commercial now.

Life is valuable. ALL lives. (But MINE is WAY MORE valuable than yours)

Enough with the special effects movies already! Talking rocks don't cover for a lame script and crappy acting. Nudity does. Uh, more please.

No wrestling in the Olympics!?! Oh...hell no! Just kidding, I just watch the sports with women. I feel sorry for the wrestlers though.

It's surprising how many old white dudes look like Jerry Springer. #playfulracism

I'd love to trapped in a cabin in big bear with Kelly Rowland The only SWAT that would be involved would hopefully be her hand on my ass.

Why is "Butt munch" an insult? Have you seen some of these women's butts? I'd munch on them!

Mrs Obama's arms make me want to go to the gym...and find an accomplished, awesome black woman to marry. Want to know what else makes me feel that way? Everything else.

This is the COOLEST PICTURE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!! (Surpassed only by this picture with ME in it)

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