Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Whistle blowers" would get more respect if we renamed them "Hidden fact yeller outers", right? Let's get the petition started!

Just saw two 5 year olds arguing at the store, they made more cogent points in that three minutes than there have EVER been on Fox News.

You can learn a lot about a woman after you strap her to your bed and lick her armpits for three hours....I'm others...

Old stuff works best. Spy on your neighbors? Nothing beats “Cup against the wall”…my nickname for the camera I hid in her shower.

Your cat would kill you if it could. I caught my cousin's cat (that loves ME by the way) with a gun. I stopped her, but I don't live there...

Is there a company that DOESN'T make a tablet computer? My corner store released one. I love the "Get out before the muggers get here" app.

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