Sunday, October 28, 2012

Undecided voters probably take hours to decide whether to wipe themselves in the bathroom.

The difference between ME and others? I can see things on YOUR page that I disagree with and NOT type ignorant, mean spirited, inaccurate, snide, bigoted or just plain ridiculous things there.

I consider YOUR page YOUR guest room. I treat it as such. Unfortunately in THIS political climate when we have the first President with African heritage in office, the people who NOW have to veil their prejudices more need to come up with reasons other than race to knock President Obama. (This commentary of course DOESN’T apply to the people who really just have policy differences with the President)

To say that race has NO effect here is silly. The extremists and the blatantly lie filled cable news stations as well as the extremist radio stations are examples of politics and society at it’s ideological worst.

If I post a picture of the President or First lady on MY page, I don’t need you poisoning it with ridiculous comments. Even if I post something negative about a politician that you like, say something equally positive on YOUR PAGE.

The disrespect that WE as a nation allow to exist is disgusting. I know I need to be better, but at least I keep my shit on MY page. DISagreeing is one thing, DISrespect is another. I will NOT tolerate the latter. Consider yourselves warned.

- S. Anthony Thomas

Hurricane Sandy just called me the "N" word. See, it's not just damaging's damaging feelings

If I was an NFL player, my Madden character would suck. Why? Because after a great play, I wouldn't celebrate like an idiot....because I would expect to make great plays. No need to celebrate something that I'm going to do regularly.

Just kidding, I'd dance bottomless after each 1 yard gain!!!!!!


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