Monday, April 15, 2013

A moment for Boston

I was giving a family member a ride and turned on the radio to hear news about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. As the host spoke, he drew us in with his kind words about the victims and families of the victims.


Within 15 seconds, this "Man" went from The Boston Marathon to Benghazi to insulting and blaming the President. Really? Really pal? The tears are STILL on the faces of friends and family. The blood is STILL on the victims. The horror is STILL fresh for the nation....and you spent 15 seconds on the tragedy and the rest of the time making cheap, inaccurate, political points....or so you think. Some people have no shame. The intentionally ignorant, the bigoted, those that lack humanity and compassion are the only people that gave you the "head nods" and "Right on buddy" that you sought.

They are NOT the majority sir. If you wish to understand what the MAJORITY of us are like, look at the people running TOWARD the explosions. These people were NOT concerned with the political affiliation, skin color, or race of the victims. They just knew PEOPLE needed help. And that's what they did and do. THAT'S who WE are sir. WE don't see times like these as opportunities for pushing the bullshit agenda of our corporate pimps. But, I guess that's why you are you and the rest of us...the MAJORITY of humans, don't like or listen to you or people like you.

How could we?

Also, fuck off.

(I feel comfortable speaking for many as I say that our thoughts and hearts go out to those hurt and killed in Boston as well as their friends and families.)

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