Friday, January 4, 2013

Cowards and liars and whores on my!

Cowards and liars and whores on my! (Congress) I officially feel total disgust for these people… and extreme disappointment in the people that keep voting them into office.

It’s time to start caring. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they won’t get around to YOU when their goal is taking away someone else’s rights. Bullies NEVER stop with “That guy”. Eventually YOU will be “That guy “. These people should be voted out of public office PERMANENTLY. They can NEVER be trusted to act in the public’s interest. They only care about the SPECIAL interests….and to THEM…you are not special. YOU are not even a consideration. You are a number on a page. You are a low value product to be sold, passed around, manipulated and abused.


We must recognize the value of the individual AND realize the value of the MANY. Rugged individualism and social responsibility CAN coexist. Well, they can when we start giving a shit.

Do YOU give a shit? I believe that you do. I certainly do. So, if YOU give a shit…and I give a shit….

…let us ALL agree to stop voting for people who treat us like shit.

Are you cool with that shit?

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