Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lance Armstrong admits he is secretly in love with Steadman to Oprah, she beats him unconscious with her huge yummy boobs Film at 11!

I don't know about YOU, but I can't wait to see Oprah's Lance Armstrong inter....ahahahahaha! I tried! Who gives a shit?

Who cares if some star releases some new stuff? So what!?!
(Editors note: I will change my mind about that when it applies to me)

Colin Powell admits GOP racism.
Lance Armstrong admits to doping.
Rupert Murdoch...want to confess to ANYTHING?

Breaking news! Obama signs law making it illegal to do anymore "Gangnam Style parodies" because the shit is corny and tired now. Film at 11!

“Hey Oprah why don’t YOU…”Open up” to ME first?”
- Lance Armstrong notices Stedman isn’t home and makes his move (interview outtake)

18 severed heads intercepted at O'Hare
"I had 20! Where is the rest of my stuff? I'm suing!"
- Litigious Serial killer who can't prioritize

If you replace the smell that's put in natural gas, with the smell of chocolate chip cookies, there would soon be a lot of dead people.

I go to the gym just to wipe sweat ONTO the machines….then I leave. Money…well…spent…

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