Monday, July 11, 2011

S. Anthony says...(I have a drea...that's taken...we're better)

I don't even bother to read the comments after news stories anymore. Political operatives are too active in their effort to push talking points (mostly fact free) down the throats of others. I am a critical thinker. If you have FACTS, I'm all ears. But generally they just seem to be a forum that allows adults to na na na na each other like 4 year old children throwing a tantrum at a toy store.

Listen to the points that you make. Be adult enough to check facts objectively, and open minded enough to accept being wrong when you are. That is what I would say to the people that post the most incendiary, racist, xenophobic posts. If what you are saying sounds ridiculous to a normal intelligent adult...there is a reason for that.

I would love to live in a country that allowed people from different ideologies to make their point, and also be open to ideas from others. I don't. We follow too much. We believe too much of what we're told by people that do not have our best interests at heart. We allow the liars and sellouts to create divisions when in the grand scheme of things...none really exist.

Political and religious debate here is embarrassing. We can do so much better. We just have to fucking want to, and have the balls/ovaries to do so. Ah...a critical thinker can dream... can't he?

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