Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cursing at me and calling me the "N" word doesn't bother me, sorry racists. Women, feel free to do so if I'm in you...I kind of dig it THEN.

New extreme sport....Ride Mitt Romney (while he's flip flopping his opinion) for 8 seconds without being thrown off, win a case of beer.

Being good is good, being bad is bad, water is wet, fire is hot. (When I have nothing profound to say I state the obvious & hope I fool you)

Who is this "Casey Anthony"? Why have I not been bombarded with coverage of this?

Hours behind the grill...6. Red meat eaten....NONE. I did have a little potato salad but it's okay...it was killed humanely.

Interviewing "People on the street" about the Casey Anthony verdict is as interesting as asking them what they'd do with powerball winnings.

I officially now have a "Thing" for female meteorologists...ALL of them.

No child is "Illegitimate"...it's time to stop using that stupid f*cking saying. Also, ladies... anyone out there want to get knocked up?

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