Monday, September 14, 2009

The Reset (Control-Alt-Delete)

I've noticed something.
The debate on health care has effected me more than I had thought. I made the mistake of watching too much and reading too much of the extreme parts of the debate. It's like poison. It changes you the same way a virus or disease does. You don't notice at first but slowly you begin to take on the language and attitudes of the extreme point of view of your particular ideology. I noticed it beginning to happen to me. I wasn't bad. I didn't do anything disrespectful (Nor would I ever), but I began to dislike people as soon as they made it known that they were an "R". That isn't me. I wasn't raised that way. We must not demonize those that we disagree with. We learn more when we have constructive dialogue. So lets act like adults people. I'm an Independent. In more ways than one. I will not demonize, I will listen and learn. Join me.

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