Monday, September 14, 2009

Brotherhood of Mankind

I find it amazing that at this time in our culture we still remain asleep. When will we put people in office who give a damn about people other than themselves and or their party. How can an intelligent human being argue against universal health care? How many more Americans need to lose their homes because a loved one is sick?

We ask... am I my brothers keeper? A good question. A better question would be, when will we realize that we are all brothers and sisters?

I'm all for honest debate, but we have neither honesty nor is there debate when it comes to health care. Jut bold face lies and scare tactics. I don't believe half of these commentators actually believe what they are spouting, but the money is too good to stop. It does not matter to them that people will die, they'll get theirs. As for many of the protesters...are you really willing to let your racism override the human trait of self preservation? These rich guys have health care, you don't.

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