Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Making love with the woman of your dreams is AWESOME. I've made love to the woman of YOUR dreams so I know. Oh, she doesn't like you at all.

Replace the "Affordable Care Act" with the "Medicare for ALL Act"...and then that lame ass website could be used for porn or something...

"Quality over quantity" and "Garbage in garbage out" also apply to people. 

It's true.

Trust me...

I don't need cialis, but I'm going to take some...with a tall glass of nitrate juice.

I will not use any wealth I attain in my dream future to attract a trophy wife. I just want someone to take out the trash. I hate that shit.

The History Channel is going to remake "Roots" screwing up plans for "Tyler Perry's Madea on a Slave Ship"

No! YOUR name is TOBY!

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