Monday, September 13, 2010

Something that I learned from Carlin...

George Carlin, one of the greatest comedians and minds of our time said something that stays with me to this day. In an interview, he was discussing his change from a “mainstream” comic to the person we all came to love and respect later. He said to his wife “If I just fill coffee houses doing the stuff that I love…I’m okay with that…”

That’s how I feel now, about virtually every part of my life. Would I love the masses to come? Sure. (Here, I drop in a dirty joke to temporarily lighten the mood… If they’re hot and come back to my hotel room…trust me they’ll “come”) (And now we conclude our post in the original tone)…But not at the expense of my art. I will NEVER do that. I’m easy to live with for others, but if I ever lost who I was artistically or otherwise to the whims of others…I couldn’t live with myself.

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