Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's not just healthcare that needs an overhaul, it's attitudes too. I was taking my uncle home from the hospital and we were both talking about how nice and kind everyone was. He has insurance. I then overheard a conversation between the receptionist/secretary speaking to a potential patient on the phone. She asked very sweetly and politely what kind of insurance that the person had...the person had none. Apparently her courtesy and kindness was only covered by insurance. She did her job...she said the same words that would be said to someone WITH insurance, but the deMEANor changed.

The same words now sounded (coming from her) as if she was thinking "There's a door in the back scum, crawl through the doggie door where you'll wait for a man to slap you. Then get in the spit in your face line...and MAYBE we'll help you." This person needed and needs help. This is NOT the time to add insult to injury. I shot her a look...and she returned to some semblance of professionalism, but she had already eroded my respect for her. Yes, a letter was sent to the higher ups and yes...my uncle is now going somewhere else. (I will not elaborate further)

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