Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rachel Ray is cute and thick...yes please.

A new casino just opened up in my hometown. I didn't know that Philly had such a huge native american population.

Hi America, your old beau (R) is outside with roses. Too bad he got them with money from the girl he cheated with (Corporations). Wake up!

Why is Sesame Street so afraid of tits? Hell most of their audience has tits in their mouths while watching. And kids watch too. #sorry

Female stalkers...if you're hot and disease free, yes I will bang you. Hard and often. Catch me before I find a girlfriend. Thanks.

People DO NOT get MORE on unemployment than they do working. Stop saying that stupid shit. You're disrespecting millions of people. Thanks.

Funds for 9/11 heroes..blocked, repeal of DADT...blocked, anything that helps the middle class-poor-melanin enhanced...blocked. Fu*k you.

You're a beautiful lady with a great body, you're going to get attention anyway. STOP TRYING SO HARD! (Not NOW, when I'M finished looking!)

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