Thursday, September 2, 2010

Much like the real thing, my body part called Hurricane Earl has it's size & power described by a beautiful lady in front of a green screen.

I'm sending Hurricane Earl back. I ordered it for 8/28 in's late and in the wrong place! Let me speak to your manager Mother nature!

Another oil rig exploded!?! Fu*king copycats!

In a world that has Google in know that News reporters are lazy or bought off when I out fact check them while eating Corn Flakes.

I'm leaving my door open in the morning for any women who want access to my morning "Wood". I'm wearing ear plugs, feel free to scream.

If only there was a disease that struck politicians who lie, one that would turn them Orange color or give them a shrill annoying voice.

It's amazing how many stupid things/places people want to have/do when you're the only one who's car is working. U drink goat milk now!?! 

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