Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Politicians, YOU SUCK!" - Everyone who isn't in politics (Except really rich people)

I can't believe the decision on America's got talent! *whispers* I really don't give a damn & know nothing about it. Just trying to fit in.

"Did you see that?" " Check the ref's back account!" " - Me giving my sister things to say while we watch sports, so she's NOT thrown out.

To everyone that said that I would NOT be rich and successful...would you mind picking a few lottery numbers for me? You seem to be on a winning streak right now...

Is anyone else tired of the "My God could make your God tap out in the first round" arguments yet? It would surely solve tons of problems.

I would like to know where the record is. I've got plenty to say...

Remember when racist politicians and news anchors tried to hide it? Ah, those were the days. And I mean days. Just days.

I just found out that I'm going to be a fath...huh? Nevermind, the crowd was so loud that I didn't hear Maury say "Not!" *does flip yells*

Spending all day with the family makes me wish spontaneous combustion was really a thing.

Just once I'd like someone to use the phrase "bodes well" when referring to something GOOD happening. Mix it up people!

If I become famous and start dating Kim Kardashian...I will endure your ridicule...anything to have regular access to that all of that ass.

So...YOUR Podiatrist DOESN'T suck YOUR toes? Your health plan sucks.

The blindfold of greed keeps our politicians and less aware citizens from seeing that "center left" or "center right" works best. Morons.

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